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A leading digital banking software platform that empowers financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation using Omni-Channel banking solutions.

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The Future of Exercise Anywhere. The ultimate fusion of technology and fitness. Whether in the gym, at home, or on the go, SMARTWEAR offers a highly efficient and effective way to enhance workouts.

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Adtel have exclusive access to audio advertising that captures 6 to 15 seconds of a users undivided attention whilst making a phone call. Our client replaces the boring ring tone with audio adverts that users subscribe to receive in exchange for a chance to win thousands of prizes.

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LocalPay is the ideal partner for any business. While digital payments revolutionize customer transactions, the substantial fees imposed by card networks can hinder small businesses from accepting payments for lower-value purchases.

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Omenetech is at the forefront of digital transformation in emerging market fintech. We specialize in modernizing established family businesses, making them competitive in the digital landscape.

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Healthy Snacks Company

Healthy Snacks Company, produce nutrient-packed snacks that are ethically sourced. Taking pride in their commitment to fostering health and vitality with a premium selection of wholesome treats. By choosing to connect with customers directly through their online store, eliminating traditional retail markups, making the healthy choice an accessible and budget-friendly options.

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